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Тайвань - Taiwan - 臺灣 - 台湾

Китайская Республика, часто используется название Тайвань — частично признанное государство в Восточной Азии
Провозглашение независимости – 10.10.1911 (от династии Цин)
Официальный язык - Китайский
Валюта - Новый тайваньский доллар (TWD)
Территория – 36 191 км² (136-я в мире)
Население – 23 230 506 (49-е в мире)

Китайская Республика   A blue circular emblem on which sits a white sun composed of a circle surrounded by 12 rays.

Republic of China (ROC), commonly known as Taiwan - is a unitary sovereign state located in East Asia
Declaration of Independence - 10.10.1911 (from Qing Dynasty)
Official languages - Mandarin
Currency - New Taiwan dollar (TWD)
Area – 36 191 km² (136-th in the world)
Population – 23 230 506 (49-th in the world)


The name of the City The name of the Brewery Open Closed

Dounan Township    (斗南鎮) King Lucky Food Industrial Co


Kaohsiung City      (高雄市) Takau Brewing Co 2006
22 Jin-Lu Street
Linkou Township      (林口鄉) Todays Beer, Mai Ching Co 2002

Pingtung City       (屏東市) Taiwan Tsingtao Brewery 2003
Ning Po Ning Road 448
Taichung City           (臺中市) Frog Microbrewery

B1 120 Henan Rd. Sec. 3
Taichung City          (臺中市) TTL, Wuri Zhongxing Brewery 1967

1, Guanghua Road
Tainan City              (台南市) TTL, Shanhua Brewery 1973

2, Chenggong Road
Taipei City             (臺北市) TTL, Chien Kuo, Takasago 1919

85 Bade Road
Taipei City (臺北市) Jolly Brewery and Restaurant 2002

Songshan Area, 29 Qingcheng Road/423, JinHu Rd., Neihu
Taipei City (臺北市) Le Blé d'Or 2002    
  100, DunHuathe N. Rd.
Tucheng City          (土城市) Deluxe Beer, Radiant Biotechnology 2006   E   2 175, Yungfeng Rd.
Wugu Township      (五股鄉) North Taiwan Brewery, TM Forumosa 2002   E      
Zhunan Township (竹南鄉) TTL, Zhunan Brewery 1996   E   5 345, Hexing Road
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